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Inspired by J&K players in IPL, 8 year old kid practices six hours to become international bowler

Jahangeer Ganaie

(KashmirScroll) — As the J&K players are being selected for Indian Premier League (IPL) and national team level for the past few years, there is cricket fervor among the youth in J&K who want to make their future in sports as well.

Adnan Bashir Dar (08) a 4th primary student who is resident of Halmulla in Sangam area of Anantnag district besides spending time on his studies is spending around six hours daily for bowling practice to become an international bowler.

Adnan, said that he has passion towards sports and from the last two years he is continuously spending six hours practicing.

Adnan said that his idol is Jasprit Bumrah and wants to bowl yorkers with high speed at international level.

His father Bashir Ahmad Dar said that contrary to other parents who want their children to become doctors and engineers, he wants to make his son a cricketer.

“My son is good at studies as well and I want him to continue studies but make a future in sports,” he said.

Dar said that he has been taking him to the sports academy in Pulwama on a daily basis for about six hours where Ranji player Umar Nazir has been training him since last one year.

“I have to take him for practice on a daily basis about 30 kilometers to Pulwama and wait there for hours and later bring him back,” he said. “If we want to make our society drug free then we must engage our youth in sports activities.”


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  1. It is true that often parents out of parental compassion consider the careers in medicine or engineering the best for their kids, but we as a society need to develop the temperament which must take into consideration the taste and passion of the kids. This is really a fine example in this context.

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