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Sadaket Ali Malik

Born in village Dhreveri in Bhalessa Doda in Jammu and Kashmir on ist september 1937.
Hazrat Ghulam Rasool Owesi RA is a name in the field of spirituality and sufi order. Belonging to a Malik family of Dhreveri Bhalessa in Doda is an upland village located on the steep slope near Gandoh Bhalessa where this legendary personality was born. Born to Munawar Malik of Dhreveri Bhalessa. His grandfather kh. Assad Malik migrated from Bhaderwah and settled in Dhreveri where he used earn his livelihood by adopting tailoring as his profession owing to which he had taken reverence among the local people. It was an era of acute poverty, the road connectivity and other civic amenities were rare. Haji hazrat Ghulam Rasool Saheb was born to Kh Munwer Malik in Bhalessa’s dhreveri. Haji sb of Dhreveri was enrolled in the islamic school (Madersa). He was orphaned as soon as he was enrolled in Madersa. Due to which he was unable to pursue his studies. Owing to the worse economic and domestic conditions he used to rear his goats. Haji Ghulam Rasool who has held a considerable respect among the cross sections of the society had a unknown future to reveal in the field of spirituality. From herd to a spirituality he passed several contours and was finally got such a position which is unbelievable. All the household responsibalities had been on a widow mother of Alhaj Ghulam Rasool. He was again enrolled in a school to continue his education. Apart from conventional education he was perceiving in a school he imbibed the vision of “Khuda shinasi” (Theology) the God’s way of living. The mindfulness towards Almighty began to start during his school days. A divine way to know the Almighty allah. Besides conventional system of education imparted to him, he used “Deeni Taleemat” became integral to his life in young days. He used to stay overnight with regard to fikr i khuda (in search of Almighty allah).
During his school days Haji sahib used to gather the young friends and suggest to preach them a path of truth. His teachers were happy over the talent and performance of Haji sahib in the activities. It is pertinent to mention here the names of the two revered teachers Ghulam Rasool Chogani and Mangtoo khan a rare teachers that time.Both the teachers played a key role in grooming the academic talent of Alhaj Ghulam Rasool Sb.
Got a company of the buzargaan i deen. After his student days he spared nights in Yaad i illahi (Zikr i illahi and felt the need of a spritual guide. He passed matriculation and
was appointed as a teacher in school education department.

Entry in Owesi Silsila (A sufi order) :

Owesi way of Tariqat (path) is a form of spiritual transmission in the vocabulary of Islamic mysticism that was named after Owais al-Qarani. It refers to the transmission of spiritual knowledge between two individuals without the need for physical interaction between them. The term owaisi refers to those Sufis who have gained the Sufi spiritual chain from another Sufi without physically meeting them in this world.

He who enter for the search of a truth, he gets it.
During teacher training, he got a friend based in kashmir namely Ghulam Mohd Trali, he was also a part of the spritual lines.

He elucidated with him the miracles, teachings of his spritual guide Maulana Fazl i Lasani Qutub i Rubani Alhaj Hazrat Mohammed Amin sahib. Trali briefed the detailed miracles, teachings of Hazrat Ameen Sahib Owesi with him. This interested Hazrat Ghulam Rasool Owesi and influenced his life.
Trali accompanied Ghulam Rasool Owesi to the residence of Maulana Fazl i Lasani Qutub i Rubani Alhaj Hazrat Mohammed Amin Qutub i Rabbani Owesi (RA). Kasheera sharief Zangli Lolab in Kashmir which was the wish of him. According to Khursheed Dar he is known as
Qalandar e zaman” Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Amin Owaisi RA was the great wali-e- kamil of his age. The people of the area who are still alive are well aware of the living conditions, perfections, blessings and miracles of this towering mystical power bestowed on him by “ Rub-e-Jaleel “.
valley.This iconic Owaisi mystic was associated with the Owaisi silsila or tradition of sufism .His resting place at Kasheera Kupwara is a trumph of faith,Atiqad and centre of “hanfiyat’.
Kasheera village is located in Kupwara.It is situated 2km away from Kupwara town.
Hazrat Mohammad Amin Owasi RA, according to the popular belief, was a steadfast Sufi and was associated with the Owasi Silsila Of Sufism.The Owaisi tradition is attributed to the devotees of the Medinian messenger, the blessed Yamenite,Hazrat Owais Qarni RA”.

Ghulam Rasool Saheb together with Ghulam Mohammed Trali had a meeting with this great mystical power.
Khursheed Dar further added that the first disciple Raja Sakhi Wilayet Khan has written his name as Hazrat Moulana Molvi Mohammad Amin,Qutub ul Aftab,Owsai,Qadri,Qalandari RA in his book “Manazil-e-Faqur” The same is displayed on the sign board of the holy shrine at Kasheera, Kupwara.It is said that Raja Sakhi Wilayet Khan was a Christian who embraced Islam at the hands of Hazrat Mohammad Amin Owaisi Sahib RA and became his first disciple.

Spritual allegiance of Ghulam Rasool Owesi (RA).

At first stance of Maulana Fazl i Lasani, Qutub i Rubani,Alhaj Hazrat Mohammed Amin saheb turned towards Ghulam Rasool Owesi and said “This man is lucky”. At the intervening evening Ghulam Rasool owesi saheb got bayeet (Allegiance) in the hands of Maulana Fazl i Lasani Qutub i Rubani Alhaj Hazrat Mohammed Amin sb (RA). It was the time of Salah (ishah Namaz) when this spritual figure put his hands in the hands of Ghulam Rasool Owesi saheb. Bayet (Alligiance) is act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action mostly practiced in the different sufi orders.
Ghulam Rasool Owesi saheb bind himself and put in allegiance on several terms and conditions that the disciple has to obey (In sufi order).
Ghulam Rasool sb owesi started work to a larger impact.
Alhaj had hundreds of his disciples in the entire District Doda who proved allegiance under the silsila owesia Ameenia. At the premises of Astan sharief Amin pura there is a Madersa too which is imparting conventional as well as islamic education to the local students. The madersa is named as Madersa Owesia Aminia Dhrevery Bhalessa.

Ghulam Mustfa of Bhaderwahi a desciple of Owesi sahib writes that it was “on 19 june 1962 that owesi RA found himself in madina and found an illuminated substance at the premises of Roza i Pak”

Ghulam Mustfa further writes that Hazrat found himself in Madina on 14 april 1969,
Same type of miracles he found on 20 february 1970 at Tahjud time and Ist november 1970. On these intervening days, he found
appearance of Prophet PBUH and had s deedar, hazrat revealed a handout and writings of Ghulam Mustfa saheb. He had the unique privilege of Deedar or Glimpse of Prophet PBUH.
Besides the opportunity of deedar of Hazrat Yaqoob (AS), Hazrat Ali RA, Syed Peeran i peer Baghdadi (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA), Sultan ul Aarfeen Sheikh Hamza RA, Hazrat Imam Mehdi, Shah Asrar ud din Baghdadi RA, Shah Fareed ud Din Baghdadi (RA) and his family is mentioned,
Ghulam Mustfa from Bhaderwah writes about the detailed life and teachings of Hazrat Ghulam Rasool Owesi (RA).
On 19th of october 1998, this spritual figure of Bhalessa left this world. Every year on this day the Urs of Harzat Ghulam Rasool Owesi (RA) is held.
For a divine mission, Allah selects only those who has a capabality and the case of such selection is Alhaj Hazrat Ghulam Rasool Owesi.
A prolific writer Alhaj Ghulam Rasool saheb RA wrote exclusively on Tassawuf. His books include
Irfan ba unwan i Takhleek i Qainaat”, Shama i Hidayat Volume 1, Shama i Hidayat Volume 2, Roshni ka Minar. Haji sahib of Dhrevery has established a Madersa. He is survived by three sons Haji Mohammed Iqbal Owesi sb who is too following same Tareeqat and Silsila of Owesi Sufi order. It is interesting to note that the Alhaj Abdullah Owesi is Gaddi Nasheen of Hazrat Owesi. Large number of people visit him. Manzoor Ahmed Owesi who has been entrusted the responsibility as managing of Madersa Owesia Ameenia Amin Pura Dhrevery Bhalessa (Doda). the trio sons of Hazrat Ghulam Rasool Owesi has put in place the legacy of this doyen saint of the time Ghulam Rasool Owesi (RA).

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