Anand Mahindra asks people to come up with a caption for rooster-related video. They deliver and how

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Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share a rooster-related video and also ask people to come up with a caption.

Anand Mahindra often shares videos of different types with interesting captions. Those posts never fail to create a buzz. His recent share, a funny video of a rooster, is almost the same. What, however, is different in this post is instead of adding a caption by himself he asked Twitter’s help. People delivered and how.

“In my #SignalWonderbox. I was trying to figure out the moral of this story. I then thought it would be far more interesting to crowdsource the best lesson to learn from this rooster’s tale. Your inputs please…,” the business tycoon wrote while posting the video.

We won’t spoil the fun by giving away what the video shows, so take a look:

The post has been shared a few hours ago. Since being tweeted, the video has accumulated more than 60,000 views and counting. The share has also prompted people to post various comments. They came up with different replies.

“The rooster has stumbled upon bunch of nice juicy bugs to feed on and also anticipating a beautiful sunrise. With this excitement he’s calling over all his friends for a nice gala breakfast!” wrote a Twitter user. “Don’t try too hard to achieve a target which might cause your downfall. Instead, take small and consistent steps until target is reached. Preserving energy for longer battles is the key,” expressed another. “It is noble to wake people up, but not to the extent that you fall asleep,” wittily wrote a third. “There is a thin difference between CONFIDENCE and OVER-CONFIDENCE. Need to realise your potential before you stretch” commented a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video and people’s reactions?

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