Dealing with self-doubt: How should you work to remove it?

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These words are heard and seen all over the social media. But what does dreaming big really mean? Mario Lanzarotti, in his Ted Talk, takes us through the process of what it really means to be successful. “When you remove all the glory that comes with having bigger dreams and goals, you will uncover a daily reality of all of us: self-doubt, ” he says.

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According to him, self-doubt is a part of being human that unlike what the “personal development contents on social media” feeds, could not be and should not be removed all at once. Nor, is it to be lived with, letting it demotivate you. “There’s nothing that will have you doubt yourself more than declaring that I won’t doubt myself.”

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He says instead of removing self-doubt, it’s more important we change the relationship we have with it.

We all know how to grind. But, what if things don’t move forward as expected? How to deal with the part of you that feels anxious, inadequate, and insecure?

Lanzarotti says we tend to not share our self-doubt, worrying it might paint us weak. “It can silence your intuition and steer you away from even finding out what you really really want.”

“Self doubt is a mental conversation, in which your mind questions the ability to find a desirable solution to a perceived problem” He add that everyone faces it, but “only those who are courageous enough to admit it, will find the support that allows them to move forward”.

He recommends sharing it with people you trust to find the courage to move forward. “Don’t let the pain of your past deter the possibility of the future. Have the courage to proceed.”

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