Dog brings leftover food to human before napping to keep it ‘safe’. Watch adorable video

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Dogs doing things that show them trusting their human. always make for wonderful moments. Those instances when recorded and shared online also make for delightful video. Just like this clip on Reddit that shows a dog bringing over his leftover food to his human.

The video is shared with a happy caption. “I feel so loved! My puppy brought me his leftovers to ‘Safe guard’ before taking a nap,” it reads. The video shows how the pooch carries the container in his mouth to bring it to his human.

The original poster also shared a comment on their own post to explain the incident in details, especially the parts that weren’t captured on camera. “Our westie is only 6 months and we just hit 4 months of living together. But tonight I’m feeling very loved, trusted and proud, and I just have to share!!!! Normally he eats from a ceramic dish near his crate, and will pull a towel over his food when done; his idea if ‘burying it.’ But today we gave it in a container near his bed. After he was done, he picked up the container with the leftovers, brought it into the bed and after failing to find something to “pull over it”, he took it back out. That’s when I started to film this ‘adventure’,” they wrote.

“He saw me across the room and brought it over, trying to find a place to put it down. I stopped filming when he set his dish down, which sucks, because what happened next was adorable!! He picked it up, banged it into the side of my wheelchair until I reached down and said ‘You want me to have that?’ And he placed it in my hand, waited for me to grab hold, then let go. He stared at me for a few seconds. So I put it down again, not sure if this is a game. He picked it up and gave it to me again, then walked away, jumped on the chair and promptly closed his eyes,” they added.

“I feel so honoured that he trusted me to keep his food safe…. I’m also quite proud at his level of thinking, being only 6 months (and one week) old. He’s my 4th terrier and he’s constantly surprising me with his ‘well thought-out” thinking’,” they explained.

Take a look at the beautiful video:

The video has been posted about four hours ago. Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 1,100 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. The post has also prompted people to share various comments.

“I’m more impressed with the fact that there are actually leftovers,” wrote a Reddit user. “Awhhh that’s just the sweetest thing,” shared another. “Dogs are full of love,” commented a third. “He trusts youuuuu,” posted a fourth. “You were the chosen one, the guardian of the pups food, do not fail the assignment,” joked a fifth. “Awww cute dog!” expressed a sixth.

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