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Sadaket A Malik

The history of the Spirit of trade
unionism goes to the era of a great educationist of the state and son of the soil Ghulam Rasool Azad who formed All Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh Teachers Association. These were the days of economic insufficiency, social unrest and above all poverty at all level, lack of literacy and literature. Then comes Dina Nath Nadeem who also accompanied Azad for educational transformation and the awakening of the masses. Such values are still not prominent in the existing trade unionism.
After the era of ignorance and a period of socio educational distress, many other personalities like Shah Mohammed Zargar
of Neeli Bhalessa, who strived with Low Paid Employees Federation Mehar Chand Chuhan Of Jitota Bhalessa of Teacher Association, Abdul Rasheed Malik of Chilly Pingal (Low Paid
Employees Federation), Ajaz Hussain Zargar of Chochloo Bhalessa, who always created a
history in imbibing Student Activism in the state with Rajinder Jamwal and many other
student leaders of the time, a profounder of Doda Joint Students Federation (DJSF) a sister concern of the Jammu Joint Student Federation (JJSF). Jamayat Ali Agah of Changa
Bhalessa who played proactive role with Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Forum.
Of late, In current times there are many trade unionists who are pleading the cause of the Teacher community at their capacities, one of such trade union leaders is Ishaq Rasheed Malik who always stood for the cause of the teachers of the state in General and chenab valley in Particular. Rated high, morally upright, always honest to his work and conviction, Malik always performed different roles to plead the cause of the teachers especially on Doda District. He is committed to the honesty and transparency in the existing system of education and his team is keen to have a a different
kind of educational and learning landscape that is free from the sycophantism, without any
influence and vested gains. Ishaq Rasheed Malik is known for his morality and simplicity
and at the same time conviction and soft spoken stature and straight forwardness. His contributions are put in record of the history of the trade unionism of the state, his contribitions for the sake of the teachers and pleading the cause of the community is always endorsed by the community. The issues like grant of the 7th Pay commission to the Rehbar E
Taleem Teachers, Pay fixation, Delink inking from Central plan, regularisation, and other
issues of the community and the successful implementation of the same in the state is only
due to the joint efforts and Ishaq Raheed Malik has a special and a towering space in it. As a President of the All Jammu and Kashmir Rehbar I Taleem Teachers Forum, District Doda he stood for qualitative and the quantitative improvement of the existing system of education viz a viz Creation of the educational infrastructure and ending up of the gender parity gaps in higher
education especially in the areas of the chilly pingal Tehsil that has become prey of exploitation since time immemorial. Ishaaq Rasheed is a man with commitment and truthfulness and is straightforwardness for the area like ours needs a special endorsement in the hearts of the
generation to emulate.
What is needed is to revive the atmosphere created by the then educational reformers like G R Azad, Dina Nath Nadeem, Professor Umer Din, which is quite tough so as to ensure progress in the educational canvas of Bhalessa. We hope that such leaders/activists need an endorsement from the public and teachers. We should not forget the era when Dina Nath Nadim was choosen from Muslim dominated Kashmir and G R Azad from Hindu dominated Jammu and were sent to the state legislature under Teachers Quota, a practice that was prevalent at that time.

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