Ferocious dog shows progress in just his first session with a trainer. Watch

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In a wholesome and uplifting video, a dog that was ferocious and aggressive was brought to a training centre by his human and his transformation is heartening to watch. The dog shows some really good progress in just his first session.

The video was posted on the Instagram account Southend Dog Training, a dog training institute in the UK, six days ago. The video has received more than 3.2 million views so far, making it viral. “No trainer has been able to get close to this dog and help,” says a text insert on the video. The dog is seen barking ferociously as its leash is held by a woman. “This lady travelled from the other side of the country to get help,” says another text insert. The dog trainer named Lee begins to walk with the woman and her dog. He explains to her that the dog is nervous and when he feels that he’s got no other alternative, he’s going to bite. Then while walking, the trainer tells the woman to let go of the lead and stop but don’t panic.

The trainer then walks the dog alone while the dog is wearing a muzzle. He takes him around to see another dog behind a fence and the change in his behaviour surprises his owner. At the end of the video, the trainer tells the dog “trust me and I’ll trust you”, before removing his muzzle. The dog doesn’t attempt to bite the man and there is a visible change in his behaviour.

Watch the video below:

“That actually had me in tears. The fear in the dog’s face is unreal at the start. Then Lee does his magic and when the muzzle is off – you can literally see the dog’s face relax. Amazing work,” commented an Instagram user. “Oh my god I’m crying… when he takes that muzzle off at then end. “You trust me, now I’m gunna trust you,”” wrote another. “This actually has me in tears. To see the breakthrough and for the owner to know her pup is a good boy,” said a third.

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