Optical illusion: Are these shapes built on top or dug in the ground?

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This optical illusion having different shapes has left people on Reddit feeling perplexed. 

Nothing delights netizens more than a striking optical illusion. And the recent trend in the optical illusion images and videos online is proof. A simple photo of sand with different shapes and a footprint has left people feeling perplexed online.

“Are these shapes dug into ground or built on top of the ground?” reads the caption of the optical illusion image posted on Reddit. The illusion image shows a triangle, a square and a circle on the left with a footprint on the right. What has intrigued the netizens is whether the shapes mentioned above are built on top or dug in the ground.

Take a look at the optical illusion below:

The optical illusion was posted two days ago by Alarmatwork on Reddit. Since being posted, the optical illusion has received 86 upvotes and several comments. Some of the comments have helped people notice the optical illusion.

“Built on top. My first thought was dug into ground but a closer look let me change my opinion,” posted a Redditor. “Most dramatic effect is when you rotate the pic 180 deg. Autorotate disabled, of course. It’s all about how your brain interprets the direction of light, which is usually from above viz the sun,” expressed another.

“Built on top,” pointed out a third. “I thought they were into the ground until I zoomed in a bit,” commented a fourth.

What do you see in the mind-bending optical illusion? Are these shapes built on top or dug in the ground?

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