Tips to keep your home cool this summer

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With the temperature only increasing, it is important to stay cool — not just outside, but also inside our homes. Most houses end up absorbing the external heat, making it extremely warm and uncomfortable, especially during scorching afternoons.

As such, it becomes necessary to introduce certain cooling technologies and methods into our homes, to make them cool and comfortable during the summer season. “With summer temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, cooler homes are a matter of survival, not just comfort,” National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said on Twitter, sharing some effective ways to keep your homes cool.

Take a look.

We all can use cost-effective cooling methods, such as the following.

*Solar-reflective white paint
*Cool roof technology
*Air light and cross-ventilation
*Hollow bricks
*Thermocol insulation
*Keeping haystacks or doing vegetation on roofs
*When constructing a new home, use cavity wall technology instead of regular walls
*Lattice walls and louvred openings allow maximum airflow while blocking the heat
*Use natural materials like lime or mud to coat walls
*Avoid glass, if possible
*Growing local trees around your home can help beat the heat

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