Woman tweets about bowls stuck together. Finally, toddler comes to her rescue

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When people face any problem these days, they often turn to the Internet to seek advise from strangers and more often than not they get the solution to their problem. In one such story, a woman named Chi Nguyen from New York shared on Twitter how she accidentally stacked two ceramic bowls together and was unable to remove the smaller one as it got stuck. Her tweet went viral and she was finally able to separate the two ceramic bowls without them breaking after some ingenious advice by a Twitter user.

Chi Nguyen had shared on Twitter on June 6how she had stacked a ceramic bowl into another one while doing dishes and now they were stuck. She had also posted a photo of the ceramic bowls. Her tweet had got more than 1.54 lakh likes.

See the post below:

In another subsequent tweet, she had also shared all the things that she had tried from warm soapy water to using oil on edges but she wasn’t successful in her attempt.

While many people were invested in her story and suggested a zillion ways to her, what succeeded in the end was an advice from a Twitter user that may make you chuckle.

“Put a 2-year-old in a room with a zillion toys. Bring in the bowls. Tell the toddler this is not a toy. That you put the bowls together, you want them together, and they have to stay together. Leave for about 3 seconds,” suggested a Twitter user.

And surprisingly it worked. In a tweet on June 9, the woman shared how her toddler was able to separate the bowls by just banging it on the carpet.

See the tweet below:

“This is proof that there is hope in this year,” commented a Twitter user. “Wait. This whole time, the correct answer was: hand it to a toddler,” wrote another.

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