Husky’s reaction after being asked to return a beauty blender is hilarious

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A video of a dog’s reaction after being asked to return a beauty blender was shared on Instagram.  

Are you looking for a pet video to lift your mood? If yes, here’s a dog clip that may help you. Shared on Instagram, this clip shows how a dog reacts when asked to return a beauty blender. The video is adorable and hilarious and may brighten up the rest of your day.

“Meeka Took My Beauty Sponge… THEN THIS HAPPENED!” reads the caption of the video posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the dog. The video opens to show a woman asking her dog named Meeka to return her beauty blender, to which the dog seems to reply that “I want to keep it”. The video then progresses to show the dog probably asking, “You want it back then?” and yeets the beauty blender back. The dog’s reaction will make you laugh out loud.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared two weeks ago on the Instagram page named Meeka The Talking Husky, the video has received 7.52 lakh views and 82.3 thousand likes. The share has also prompted several comments.

“This is too funny I keep watching it over and over,” expressed an Instagram user with a heart emoticon. “She is absolutely amazing,” commented another individual. “She’s old enough to have her own sponge. Buy her one!” joked a third.

What are your thoughts on this hilarious video?

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