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Elon Musk posts this about YouTube ads, Zomato’s response goes viral. See tweets


CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, is quite active on Twitter. If you are familiar with the kind of tweets he shares, you won’t possibly be alien to the fact that he is very open about his opinions on the social media platform. The Chief Engineer of SpaceX has taken to his Twitter again recently in order to share what he feels about YouTube advertisements of late. And safe to say, the tweet went massively viral ever since it was shared on June 7 and even got a reaction tweet from food giant Zomato.

Take a look at what he wrote:

Since being shared, the tweet received various comments. An individual wrote, “Buy YouTube, please.” “Want to borrow my premium subscription?” hilariously asked another, because obviously, it’s Elon Musk – he is a billionaire. On this note, a third posted, “You can afford Premium, my guy.”

But a certain tweet that was made in reaction and reference to this viral tweet by Elon Musk, has also gained a lot of attention owing to how witty and well-timed it was. And of course, it was from Zomato. Here’s what they tweeted regarding YouTube advertisements that they sponsor:

Shared on June 8, their hilarious reaction, too, prompted many comments. “And here we are, making Youtube ads an ‘unskippable’ trend,” posted one. “Itna sach bhi nahi bolna thha,” [You need not have been this honest] shared another.

What do you think of Zomato’s reaction to Elon Musk’s tweet about YouTube ads?

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