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Optical illusion: Can you spot the cat hidden in this picture?


From spotting the number of horses to topsy-turvy black hole optical illusion, we have seen myriad mind-benders and can’t get enough of them. Now, a seemingly simple optical illusion has left the digital natives boggled as they cannot seem to be able to spot the cat.

“Can you find the cat?” reads the caption of the optical illusion posted on Reddit. The picture shows a dog standing next to a tree with no leaves.

Take a look at the optical illusion below:

Since being shared 19 hours ago by PooPb0i56, the optical illusion has amassed 52 votes and 20 comments.

“I saw a totally different cat face near the left-center, and then I realized that’s not actually it,” a Redditor commented. “I’m so confused,” posted another. “I can’t,” expressed a third.

Some of the comments have helped people crack the optical illusion.

“Start at the top right branch,” pointed an individual. “Tilt your head right and look at the tree stump,” hinted another. “It’s the empty space between the two main branches, With the smaller branches giving the detail,” shared a third.

For those who are still unable to find the cat, we have provided the solution below.

Optical illusion image with answer. (Reddit/@PooPb0i56)
Optical illusion image with answer. (Reddit/@PooPb0i56)

What do you think of this optical illusion? Were you able to spot the cat without the hints mentioned above?

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