Amazon down: Thousands of users faced difficulty as the website suffered from partial Outage


Was Amazon down for you? Thousands of users were unable to access the e-commerce website as it suffered a partial outage for hours. Check details.

Amazon down: The e-commerce giant Amazon faced a partial outage on Monday, at around 10:30 PM IST. According to reports, thousands of users were left unable to access and use the website during this period. Many users complained that the product pages were either not loading or loading slowly with information missing from the page. Some users even got an error message when trying to access the pages. The outage lasted for several hours, but now it appears that the normal functionality of the website has been restored. Also read: Airtel plans with Amazon Prime that are perfect for you! Do Jio, Vodafone even have these? Find out

On Monday, Downdetector, a crowd-sourced website that tracks whenever a large website becomes unresponsive or faces issues, reported more than 11,000 incidents of outage issues with Amazon, as per a report by Reuters. The first reports began pouring in at about 10:30 PM IST. Many took to social media websites to ask whether Amazon was down. The issue persisted for hours and eventually, normal functionality was restored by 1 AM IST.

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Amazon Down: Thousands of users faced issues in using the website

According to a report by The Verge, the issue did not emerge from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which means that other client websites of Amazon such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, BBC and others were not affected during this outage and it was limited to the website. Also read: Big setback for Indian Premier League (IPL) as a top contender set to leave?

Amazon has not made a comment on the outage and the reasons behind the disruption of the website remains unknown at the moment.

Amazon is a tech giant that not only handles a large volume of ecommerce transactions all over the world but also manages a multitude of websites with high traffic. While this time, the issue was limited to Amazon’s retail website, the internet economy is largely dependent on it for smooth functioning. In December 2021, AWS faced a massive outage that not only massively disrupted Amazon’s cloud services but also affected the functionality of multiple of its clients. The outage impacted a large part of the internet.

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