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Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy is just her doppelganger at NBA game, Twitter reacts


Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s 10-year-old daughter, was spotted at a game at the NBA or National Basketball Association finals. At the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, Blue Ivy seemed quite happy to be spending time with her father. The little one could be seen with her hair down, wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. And in a clip of the courtside father-daughter duo, Blue Ivy showed a striking similarity to her iconic mother, Beyoncé! And of course, Twitter could not keep calm and the micro-blogging platform got flooded with reactions, photos and videos of Blue Ivy Carter ever since.

A certain Twitter user shared a photo of Blue Ivy that went massively viral and the caption with by writing, “Blue Ivy is so gorgeous.” Despite being shared just 11 hours ago, this tweet has received over 2.2 lakh likes and counting.

This tweet pointed out the striking similarity that could make one say that Blue Ivy is definitely a doppelganger of her mom Beyoncé:

This tweet has outlined pretty much the same thing but with a different set of pictures that will only convince you harder that the mother-daughter duo are just spitting images of each other:

Additionally, in this video, a user hilariously pointed out how Jay-Z might be a rap legend for the rest of us, but for Blue Ivy he is just an ‘embarrassing dad.’

What are your thoughts on the striking similarity between Blue Ivy Carter and her sensational mom Beyoncé?

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