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This dog looks like it is delivering food on the street. Watch cute video


Online food delivery is quite popular these days as there are numerous ways in which one can order food. However, have you ever seen a dog delivering a food package? Chances of that happening would be fairly slim but this video posted on Instagram shows how a dog is walking on the street with a food packet in its mouth as if it is going to deliver it. The video has left netizens amazed.

The video was posted on the Instagram page Dogs of Instagram a day ago. It has received more than 8.4 lakh views so far. The video is recorded by a pedestrian and it shows a dog walking on the opposite street with a food packet in its mouth. The dog is also seen wearing a leash but no one is accompanying the dog.

“New delivery service in NYC,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

The video has also received 43,000 likes and numerous comments.

“Where do I sign up for this service??” commented an Instagram user along with heart-faced emojis. “Only in New York,” posted another. “And the two women passing by didn’t even care ha ha ha like that’s just a Monday morning for everyone. What a beautiful doggie though, cute!!” wrote a third individual. “How did those 2 women walk by that dog and not even stop to say “who’s a good dog!?” What?” reads another comment. “I love how everyone is just going about their business,” another user commented.

The video is credited to the Instagram account louiesgotbooties.

What are your thoughts on this adorable video of the dog delivering food?

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