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National Child Development Council’s core committee holds meeting on World Refugee Day

The Core Committe of National Child Development Council (NCDC) held a meeting on the occasion of World Refugee Day on Monday in which the members talked on several issues.

They said that “it is a worldwide issue, and to reduce number of refugees, we should stop wars, while friendship should be maintained between the countries, as women and children are affected more.”

The members said that, “Whoever they are, individuals compelled to escape ought to be treated with poise. it is a basic freedom to look for security.”

“Whenever individuals are compelled to escape, they reserve an option to be secured. Whatever the danger – war, savagery, mistreatment – everybody merits security. Everybody has an option to be protected,” they added.

NCDC Master Trainer Baba Alexander said that, “under the United Nations, we have to make a refugee policy which shall includes to insist the countries to accept refugees until the situation is restored to normal.”

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