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Rajpora Shirmal: A must have delicacy on festive occasion

Jahangeer Ganaie

Pulwama, Jul 08 : Rajpora, around five kilometres from district headquarter Pulwama is famous a traditional flatbread mostly taken with salt tea, famously known as Shirmal, is a must have delicacy on festive occasions.

Shirmal is furrow surfaced, flat and circular bread, with sesame seeds add beauty and taste to it.

The bakers at Rajpora, while talking with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that Rajpora Shirmal are so famous that they are getting orders from people who are living outside Kashmir.

Yawar Ahmad, a baker said that Shirmal is so famous only because local bakers have never compromised with the quality.

He said that Kashmiris living outside come and purchase Shirmal in bulk, whenever they visit Kashmir and take it along with them to gift it non-locals.

Javid Ahmad, another baker said that on Eid and other festive occasions, hundreds of customers from far off places visit the area to purchase the Shirmal.

He said that each baker sells around 4000-5000 kgs of Shirmal on every Eid, however, in the last three years there were very less customers. “But this year there seem to be huge rush of costumers again and hopefully they will earn a handsome amount of money,” he said.

Customers purchasing Shirmals said that they have been purchasing Shirmals from Rajpora since decades.

Zeeshan Ahmad, a customer from Pulwama said that they purchase Shirmals and gift part of it to their relatives living in different parts of Kashmir, who often ask for this delicacy.

He added that Shirmals are being made in other parts as well but they are not such delicate and tasty like Rajpora Shirmal.

Shirmal, which is usually taken with Kashmir namkeen tea or Sheer Chai, has become an integral part of various social customs and traditions in Kashmir.

It is consumed on engagement and marriage ceremonies, on social gatherings like circumcisions and on different religious occasions like Eid.

The bread comes in two varieties-sweet and salty. The sweet Shirmal is taken with Khewa, a spicy traditional green tea made without the addition of milk. The salty Shirmal is taken with Noon-chai or Sheer chai—(KNO)

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