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NCDC requests govt to make existing education system more skill based

The National Child Development Council (NCDC) on Tuesday held a meeting in which the members requested Government of India to take measures to make existing education system more skill based.

In a statement, NCDC said that, “there has always been a debate about reforming the education system followed in our country. The emphasis on text book learning/rote learning has to be changed and that is the large view of the educationists, and organisations such as NCDC, that work for child welfare.”

The statement reads that “the existing system of text book or academic oriented education has been going on for ages in the country, while the call for bringing changes in the system has gained impetus like never before.”

“The global scenario created by the pandemic has also reinforced the belief that for a better future of our children living in India, the methodology adopted for teaching in our schools must change. There is a growing view that the curriculum also has to be designed in accordance with the needs of the time,” reads the press statement.

The organisation believes that it is high time that we revamp our education system by focussing more on developing the skills of children, while the schools can consider having academic related classes half the day and the remaining half of the day should be focused on developing different skills.

“It is further a view that the Government should direct Schools across the country to stop giving undue weightage to academics. It is suggested to appoint teachers on salary basis for imparting skill based education. The organisation is also of the view that teachers who have expertise in certain skills should be paid accordingly.”

The organisation is also of the view that teachers should not just focus on book based learning but importance must also be given to co-curricular activities. The organisation feels that the Government should issue strict directions to Schools to start adopting a skill based education system as that will not only equip a student to meet the challenges
of life, but more importantly it will help in developing their soft skills and make them better placed to crack job interviews. Thus, skill based education will make a child more competent and increase their chances of attaining success in life.

The Board Members who were present in the meeting, were Sudha Menon, Thomas, Bindu S, Arathi .I, & Dr. Sruthi, & it was resolved that the Government of India should take effective measures to make the existing education system more skill based.

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