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AC Panchayat suspended for hurting religious sentiments in Rajouri

AC Panchayat suspended for hurting religious sentiments in Rajouri

Rajouri:- The authorities have suspended an officer of the rank of assistant commissioner in Rajouri district over allegations of hurting religious sentiments in Rajouri.

“Whereas, this office has received a complaint that AC Panchayat Mr Abdul Rashid Kohli has made some objectionable remarks about a particular religion and it is reported that Mr. Abdul Rashid Kohli said these objectionable words while having lunch at Blue Moon Restaurant, with his four other subordinates during office hours, reads an order issued by District Magistrate Rajouri.

“Whereas this conduct of the officer is not only a violation of service conduct rules, but also an issue of hurting religious sentiments of other community and has the potential of creating Law and Order problem within the district.” It adds

“Therefore, keeping in view of the above facts, Mr. Abdul Rashid Kholi AC Panchayat is hereby placed under suspension with immediate effect and further a committee headed by Mr. Pawan Parihar ADDC Rajouri shall enquire into the matter and report within a period of 15 days.” Order reads further.

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