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Comprehensive flood mitigation plan: Phase 1 completed, phase 2 in final stage of tendering


Phase 2 to be completed in three years, main work in phase 2 is flood spill channel:- CE I&FC

Jahangeer Ganaie

Srinagar—The Phase 1 of comprehensive flood mitigation plan announced after devastating flood mitigation plan has been completed and the work on phase 2 is expected to start in next month as the tendering is in final stage

Chief Engineer Irrigation and Flood Control Naresh Kumar told KNO that part A of the phase 2 is in last tendering stage and work on it is expected to start next month.

He said usually all works on Jehleum in October when water level in the river remains low.

The main work in the phase 2 will be flood spill channel for resectioning so that if there will be more water coming, then it will go through the channel, he said, adding that part of it to work on Hokarsar while work has been started.

He added that main purpose of the work that has been started at Hokarsar is to keep wetland wet so that migratory birds coming there can live there without any hindrances, but that is also part of phase 2 of flood mitigation plan.

He said as tendering is in last stage and we expect that work on it will in October as till September there remains a threat of floods.

He said that with the completion of phase 1 the capacity of river Jehleum will go to 60,000 cusecs which has been already taken to 40,000 in phase 1.

He said that the deadline to complete the phase 2 is three years and hopefully it will be completed in three years.

Notably , the Flood Management Plan was divided into two phases. The phase 1 funded under the Prime Minister’s Development Package with a budget of Rs 399 crore included spot dredging as per requirement to increase the capacity of river Jhelum so as to minimize the damage if there will be floods again.

Soon after floods in 2014 , Government of India had constituted a committee to suggest measures to prevent such calamities in future and in their report committee has recommended several long term measures including additional supplementary flood spill channel, creation of storage facilities on tributaries of Jhelum, flood plain zoning and enhancing capacity of Wular Lake—(KNO)

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