NCDC organises program on world cancer awareness day

The National Child Development Council (NCDC) organised a programme on world cancer awareness day, which being observed in the first week of February every year.

The program was attended by the core committee members of the NCDC organisation, who shared their views related to the disease, and deliberated upon the steps, through which it can be cured.

One of the members Sudha Menon has said that, “awareness regarding the disease should be given to people, while it is important to have appropriate food, besides happy state of mind, as it generally keeps us away from diseases.”

Another member of NCDC, Muhammad Risvan has said that People suffering from the said disease should be counselled by influential people.

Council’s Ms. Bindu said that This disease is spreading largely and rate of cure in kids is about 80%. She said that in adults, awareness regarding good eating habits, importance of exercise & Moral support should be given to people suffering.

Similarly, Dr. Sruthi believes that awareness regarding the kinds of cancer and its cure etc, has to be appropriately given by NGOs and hospital authorities.

Master Trainer, NCDC, Baba Alexander said that, Cancer is to some extent unavoidable. He further said that the awareness should be given to people time and again, while there should be control over the adulterated and poisonous food items.

The members believed that awareness in school level should also be started, so that the kids stop eating those eye catchy eatables wrapped with artificial flavours and colours.

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