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Women can bring major changes in the society: Afiqa Ali on Int’l Women’s Day

Pulwama: Social Activist & Chairperson Ansar Ul Masaqeen Trust (NGO), Afiqa Ali on Wednesday greeted people on International Day of Women, which is being celebrated on 8th of March, every year.

While giving message to women, Afiqa said that women have the potential to bring major changes in the society, as every woman can play a vital role in turning bad things into good.

She said that there is dire need to give education to women, as only women have the power to manage family, particularly children, as women usually leave no stone unturned in grooming the children.

“Women should realise their powers, and should be independent & strong to face all the challenges. I wish women to be self-dependent and fearless,” Afiqa said.

She particularly requested the women to stay away from suicide attempts, as it is the big sin, and focus on bringing the change in the society.

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