Firdous Ali receives award at international confry

The International Conference was held at Bikaner, Rajasthan where more than 700 Social Activists were present. People from all corners of the globe gave their precious time to attend this conference which had the sole motto of saving humanity. Great people from all paths of life enlightened this conference with their unique and interesting journeys of socialism.
Social activists from Dubai, Bhutan, Nepal and other countries also gathered for the same.

Chairman Sheikh Firdous Ali expressed his deep appreciation for this peaceful initiative. He also said; “The foremost duty of the humans is to save humanity, all other religions come after that”. Humanity is sinking rapidly with the evil forces and it’s time for us to do our part.

Rahmatan lil Aalmeen Foundation will now be serving in for the following causes too; which is the OUTCOME OF THIS CONFERENCE i.e

  1. Anyone who is stuck in any part of the world because of issues like financial loss, job loss, passport problem, visa problem etc. He can contact RLAF and every measure will be taken free of cost and immediate aid would be provided to him.
  2. If anyone is living far from home and relatives and he/she requires blood group in urgent cases, they can also contact RLAF and the fastest steps would be taken to help that person no matter in which part of the India, Dubai, Nepal, Bhutan he lives in!

There are so many other great initiatives that are in action after this conference. Athwas Group of Humanity, Salute 72 Blood Donor Group and Rahmatan lil Aalmeen Foundation were the NGO’s from Kashmir to attend this event. Sheikh Firdous Ali said, I am very much thankful to Dr. Mewa Singh for inviting us to this great event. Inshallah, Kashmiri people will be much benefited with these initiatives. Hopefully, you will keep praying for me to Allah to give me more courage to benefit more people. Walaikum Salam

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