Lifestyle changes to lower risks of cancer, says Oncosurgeon

Says 20 percent people with colorectal cancers are below 35 in Kashmir

About forty percent of cancers are preventable by following lifestyle modifications, said Dr Shabnam said on Friday.

Dr Shabnam who is Kashmir’s first female organ specific onco-surgeon told reporters on sidelines of Bluethon 2023, annual colorectal cancer awareness event in Nigeen club Srinagar that there is taboo associated with cancers and they want to break it so as to people understand that cancer is not an end of story and people can live a normal life if it is detected at an early stage.

“30-50 percent cancers are preventable and we are targeting younger age groups who can understand about lifestyle modifications and screening remains mostly for older people and high risk groups,” she said, as per KNO

Every cancer is on rise globally as well as in Kashmir and as per hospital figures, 20 percent people suffering from colorectal cancers are below 35 years of age.

She said it is very important to educate people that 90 percent of colorectal cancers are preventable.

She suggested quitting smoking and alcohol consumption and doing physical activity, weight reduction strategies, de-stressing, proper sleep, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables especially high fibre diets and antioxidant foods for avoiding cancer.

“Avoiding junk and packaged foods, reducing unnecessary exposure to various radiations like overuse of mobiles & other such devices especially in close proximity to their bodies, taking proper precautions to reduce exposure to occupational carcinogens like gamma rays, asbestos, cadmium, coal-tar, radon, aniline etc by using protective equipment & regular check-ups,” she said.

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a Pulwama based journalist, currently south head with News agency KNO and owner of The Kashmir Scroll

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