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DC Ramban orders inquiry into misuse of bio-metric attendance in Govt departments

Srinagar:- Hundreds of employees in Ramban are marking their biometric attendance outside their offices while using mobile phones even as DC has ordered an enquiry in this regard.

In an order, Deputy Commissioner Ramban said that standing directions have been issued for marking bio-metric attendance of Government employees in all the offices in J&K UT, including Ramban District; and Whereas, consequent upon above, separate directions have been issued to all District & Sectoral Officers for strictly abiding by the directions and ensuring the implementation of AEBAS (Aadhaar-Enabled Biometric Attendance System) in the offices to ensure availability of staff in resolving matters of public importance and dissemination of quality education in various Government Schools.

“This office has been monitoring the implementation of the standing orders issued by the Government to ensure presence of employees in their offices; and Whereas, during random monitoring of biometric attendance of various employees in the departments like School Education, Health, Sheep/ Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Agriculture, Child Welfare Committee Ramban, Sheep & Wool Development Office Banihal, Chief Agriculture Office (including Subdivision Ramban/ Gool), it has been observed that employees are marking their biometric attendance away from their offices/ schools by using their mobile phones”, he said.

The office has observed that a far greater number of employees are fudging their biometric attendance by using mobile phones, for which activation codes are being shared by their respective Drawing & Disbursing Officers (DDOS); and from the scrutiny of the gaps observed in marking of biometric attendance, it has been found that majority of the DDOS seem to be in connivance with the aforesaid employees. The perusal of biometric attendance data which has been analysed, clearly indicates that marking of biometric attendance by using mobile phones is impossible unless activation codes are shared with each one of them.”

He said that the UT exchequer has suffered losses as these employees have drawn their salaries for not having performed their official duties; and this office has taken a serious view of the deep nexus found in tampering with biometric attendance and sharing of activation codes by their concerned DDOS.

Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that the DDOS of the above mentioned departments are hereby directed to explain their position by 4.00 pm on 19.05.2023 positively and share details of persons/ employees involved in this fraud which is primarily aimed at facilitating the employees to play truant from their official duties, failing which action under rules shall be initiated against them (DDOS) and the employees who are marking their attendance by using mobile phones/ laptops, aided by DDOS by sharing activation codes for their respective office location.

Till further orders, no DDO of the aforesaid departments as well as the employees caught marking their biomertric attendance through mobile phones shall draw their salaries.

Further, all DDOS in District Ramban are hereby directed to share device IDs/ details of the employees who are either marking their biometric attendance through laptops or mobiles, enabling this office to proceed further in the matter.

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