Meet Bisma Rashid:- A young writer from North Kashmir who has written two books so far

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Srinagar, May 18 (KS) :- A young writer from North Kashmir’s Baramulla district has written two books so far touching different issues of our society.

25- year -old woman amely Bisma Rasheed hailing from Kanli Bagh Baramulla had made her society to feel proud by writing two books on the current issues of the society titled “From Darkness to Light:- Uplifting Drug Victims” and “Suicide:-An incorrigible concern”.

Bisma Rasheed who is an emerging author, motivational speaker, content writer, inspirational quotes writer and compiler while talking to the Kashmir Scroll said that writing was not the part and parcel of her hobbies but her inner emotions ,outer perception , imagination and creativity that had insisted her to pen down about issues of our society.

She also said that she find many reasons to write on the current issues of society like drugs, depression, suicide, domestic violence, dowry system and acid attacks.

She belives that words have power to motivate and uplift the depressed class of society.

“We live in a society where social issues and evils are on its pinnacle. As far as drugs are concerned most of the young blooms are involved and indulged in such frivolous, sinful, illegal and immoral activites that is truly a shame for our society.” Bisma said

“Everyone has to struggle and faces failures in the life but drug and suicide is not the solution to our problems,” She said, adding, “Life comes up with diffrent struggles like struggling with hardships, struggling with pain, struggling with mental peace, struggling with discomfort and solitude but this doesn’t mean that we will end up our life by doing drugs or by cutting our veins with knives as we are enough strong to face every problem of our life.”

“My books are full of motivational and inspirational quotes, poems , short stories and articles that will surely prove worthy to those who are in darkness.” She claimed.

She said that being Light in someone’s dark life is the actual happiness and peace.

Her message to youth of our kashmir is that “Quit Drugs before they kill you”.Before taking drugs think of your beloved ones don’t give them an everlasting pain, sufferings and sorrows.”

“Your Life is very precious for us all. Dont repress your intramural emotions inside just try to pent up your emotions. If you are facing any problems please share your inner feelings with your beloved and loved ones as they cares alot about you.” She said.

“I specially thank miss Nadim my Co compiler and Friend who truly worked hard along with me to Compile the Book Suicide:The incorrigible concern,” She said.

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