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Mutton rates fixed: Meat without Ofal.. with Ofal..

No Confusion now, people have a choice, says Gen Sec AJKBU

Srinagar—Jammu and Kashmir’s Mutton Dealers Union Tuesday said that there was no confusion in mutton rates as meat with Offal will be sold at Rs 650 and without Offal will sell at Rs 600.

General Secretary of the All Jammu and Kashmir Butchers Union Hilal Ahmed, said that the notification issued by the central government will help in regulating the mutton prices in the market.

“A few months ago, we also spoke to the Division Commissioner of Kashmir about this issue. We expressed our concern over the high cost of mutton, which we were receiving at Rs 600 per kilogram from Delhi. Not only us, but others also buy mutton from there, and we will strive to ensure that prices do not rise,” he said, adding that “The current rate as of now is Rs 650 with offal per kilogram and Rs 600 without offal.”

Additionally, “I would personally like to request the general public that if anyone offers you mutton at prices higher than those already mentioned on the rate list, please refrain from making a purchase and boycott them,” he added.

Lastly, an official from the CAPD informed that they have clear directions not to regulate the prices of mutton and other livestock products at the moment.

The Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs instructed the authorities last week to cease regulating the prices of livestock products. Prior to the notification, the government-approved price of mutton was Rs 535 per kilogram—(KNO)

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