Heat waves killed nearly 100 people in India in past week

According to officials cited by the Associated Press, nearly 100 people in two heavily populated states of India have lost their lives since late last week due to unusually high temperatures.

Although this summer hasn’t broken last year’s scorching records, India has been grappling with sweltering conditions leading up to the monsoon season. In June, temperatures in certain regions reached 46°C (approximately 115°F), exacerbated by high humidity. Even moderately high temperatures can prove fatal in such conditions.

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News reports indicate that in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh state, deaths have reached 54 in the past three days, coinciding with temperatures ranging between 43°C and 44°C in the area. However, officials have presented varying explanations, with state authorities stating a lack of “solid evidence” linking the deaths to the heat.

Consequently, a panel has been established to investigate the matter. The chief medical superintendent of the Ballia District Hospital, who had attributed the deaths to heatstroke, was reportedly removed from their position, as reported by The Indian Express.

Additionally, the neighboring state of Bihar reported 42 deaths in the past two days, as reported by the AP.

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