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NCDC’s Int’l Montessori Education 70th online batch to be inaugurated on 26 June

Srinagar: The National Child Development Council’s International Montessori Education 70th online batch is scheduled to be inaugurated on 26 June, 2023, officials said.

They said that the inaugural event is scheduled to be held on Monday (26 June) at 11 AM (IST), through virtual mode.

The event will be inaugurated by Assistant Professor, Mahin K Aliyar, & will be held in presence of Global Goodwill Ambassador & Master Trainer, National Child Development Council, Baba Alexandar.

Notably, NCDC’s Montessori Education training allows students to think and encourage children learn in very natural and enjoyable way.

NCDC is a self-governing national child welfare organization established to promote women and child welfare and ensure child education in India.

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