NCDC Observes International Anti-Plastic Bag Day

Srinagar: The core committee of National Child Welfare Organization titled National Child Development Council (NCDC) observed International Anti-Plastic Bag Day, which is being observed on July 3 every year, to raise awareness about the environmental threat posed by plastic bags.

While observing the day, the Core committee members, including the Regional Office Administrator Muhammad Rizwan, evaluators Bindu Saraswati Bhai, Sudha Menon and NCDC Program Coordinator Dr. Shruti Ganesh opined that the government should intervene, and should put complete ban on plastic usage in the market.

The members added that people should move forward to join the hands of government officials in eliminating the plastic bags from the society.

Pertinently, this day is observed with the aim of creating awareness to make society more responsible by adopting environment-friendly habits in daily life.

The main objective of this day is to spread awareness about the increasing harm to our environment due to the use of plastic.

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