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Tussle at Abhinandan Home hampers education of specially-abled students

Parents allege old staff not letting newly-recruited special educators do the job

Jahangeer Ganaie

Srinagar, Jul 14 (KNO): The month-long tussle between authorities and the old staff at Abhinandan Home in Srinagar is jeopardizing the career of specially-abled students.

The parents of the specially-abled students told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that the old staff members, except a few, were not teaching students well as “they lack the qualification”.

“Most of the teachers were asking our children to just copy the notes from the book or guide and teach nothing else,” they alleged. “They are playing with the careers of our children.”

The parents said the school recruited special educators after their years of efforts. “After the special educators were recruited, the old staff wasn’t allowing them to join as they too were demanding their adjustment there,” they said.

The parents said the new staff must be allowed to work without any hindrance so that their children, who are already facing issues, should not suffer further.

“The old staff isn’t allowing the school to function properly for the last more than a month, which has severely affected the education of students,” they said.

The parents added, “There are dozens of families from various areas of Kashmir who have been living in Srinagar on rent so that their specially-abled children may get a better education, but this tussle is a major hindrance.”

They further alleged that despite being a government school, the old staff was forcing them to pay fees which many parents have agreed to for the sake of their children.

“We demand a thorough investigation to find how much donations and other money this school has got and where they have been spent,” they said.

The parents urged the government to make the training institute functional in the school and ensure all the required equipment there to teach these students.

Principal of the Abhinandan Home Mudasir Ahmad told KNO that the new staff has joined just a month ago and all of them are specifically trained educators.

“The old staff was creating problems but the issue has already been taken with the concerned authorities,” he said while assuring that the school will get the required facilities soon so that the students won’t suffer.

The principal also said the parents need not worry. “The staff will work hard to provide quality education to all enrolled students,” he said.

An official of the Social Welfare Department told KNO that the Abhinandan Home was under the control of an NGO till 2018.” Later, the Social Welfare Department took over its administration, management and governance along with the land and construction under the overall supervision of Director, Social Welfare, Kashmir,” he said, adding that the old staff wasn’t recruited by the department but by the NGO.

“The government has now recruited special educators who are specifically trained to cater to the needs of the specially-abled students,” the official said—(KNO)

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