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55 RR BN (GRENADIERS) Organizes Successful Public Speaking Event Promoting Justice and Rule of Law

PULWAMA – On July 17, 2023, 55 RR BN (GRENADIERS) conducted a highly successful public speaking event at Alamdar Public High School in Koyil, Pulwama. The primary objective of the event was to raise awareness among students about the vital principles of “Justice” and “Rule of Law.”

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The meticulously planned event took place at Koyil COB in collaboration with the school’s faculty members. It provided an engaging platform for students to express their own understanding of justice and rule of law while channeling their youthful minds towards becoming responsible citizens and future leaders.

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Numerous students enthusiastically participated in the public speaking event, delivering insightful speeches on the assigned topics. The event proved to be a transformative experience, benefiting a total of 100 students from Alamdar Public School.

The initiative not only enhanced the students’ confidence and public speaking skills but also garnered appreciation from the faculty members of other schools who recognized the positive impact it had on their overall development.

By organizing such events and workshops, Koyil COB has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of the local community. The Indian Army, represented by 55 RASHTRIYA RIFLES, continues to foster trust and belongingness among the people, standing as a pillar of support and guidance.

This event allowed the Indian Army to interact directly with the young minds and cultivate a comprehensive understanding of justice and the system that upholds it in our nation. It provided a unique platform to bridge the gap between the armed forces and the civilian population, creating a positive image of the Army’s dedication to community engagement.

The proactive efforts of Koyil COB in organizing this event were sincerely appreciated and applauded by the local community, particularly the students who found themselves empowered and more confident after taking the stage.

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