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Nunwan Incident:Bias rumor mongering puts questionmark on news reporting

Srinagar, July 31 (KS) : In a recent development, a local media house has been accused of presenting a one-sided, concocted, and misleading account of an incident that occurred at Nunwan several days ago.

Sources told news agency Kashmir Scroll that the media house has been booked for alleged rumor mongering, putting a question mark on the journalistic ethos being practised in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the sources, the incident at Nunwan involved an police official who was accused of misbehaving and assaulting a senior officer of police and other police personnel on duty. In response to the official’s actions, the media house has been accused of avenging this disciplinary action and attempting to pressurise the police by highlighting the issue in a negative light.

Contrary to the media house’s portrayal, sources in the police assert that the police officer in question is known for his honesty, professionalism, and people-friendly approach to policing.

Sources said that police
deems the media’s account as a misrepresentation of facts and portraying the incident as villainous in nature.

To evade legal and departmental consequences, the accused official is alleged to have resorted to falsifying information and claiming illness, using social media to disseminate his version of events.

In light of this situation, it has been emphasized on the media houses to demonstrate professionalism and verify facts from all sides before publishing any news or stories. The need for balanced reporting and unbiased journalism is paramount to maintain public trust and promote fair understanding of incidents, sources in police said.

As investigations into the matter continue, media houses have been urged to cooperate and uphold the principles of ethical journalism to ensure accurate and transparent reporting. (KS)

Fazil Mir

Fazil is freelancer journalist from Kashmir. currently working with The Kashmir Scroll as a Executive editor

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