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CTF Prez Calls for Inclusion of J&K’s Bhaderwahi and Sarazi Languages in NEP’s Mother Tongue Emphasis

Doda, 14 August 2023 – Anzer Ayoob, President of the Chenab Times Foundation, has voiced a compelling plea to the Indian government for the incorporation of Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages into the National Education Policy (NEP)’s framework, which champions the preservation of mother tongues. The Foundation, esteemed for its commitment to art, culture, and public welfare, underscores the need for the government’s heightened focus on these two languages native to the erstwhile Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ayoob’s statement comes as a response to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent endorsement of multilingual education, emphasizing the importance of learning mother tongues alongside Hindi. The Foundation commends the government’s endeavors to promote linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.

“At the heart of our nation’s cultural mosaic lies the beauty of our mother tongues,” remarked Anzer Ayoob. “While we applaud the government’s efforts to highlight their importance, we draw attention to the overlooked Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages, pivotal to the cultural fabric of the erstwhile Doda region. These languages deserve equal recognition and support as we move forward with the NEP.”

Ayoob highlighted the poignant role that Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages play in the cultural identity of the region. “Dedicated PhD scholars have dedicated their academic pursuits to the study of Bhaderwahi and Sarazi, underscoring the profound significance of these languages in our heritage,” he continued.

Urging the government to adopt a structured approach, Ayoob asserted, “Incorporating Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages into school and college curricula is essential to preserving their continuity. By doing so, we honor the rich linguistic diversity of our region and contribute to the larger endeavor of nurturing our indigenous languages.”

Ayoob concluded by expressing confidence that with concerted efforts and government collaboration, Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages can be safeguarded, providing future generations with an opportunity to connect with their roots and preserve their unique cultural identities.

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