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A Courageous Young Heart: Rescuer, Lifesaver, and Blood Donor Extraordinaire

Kashmir has always been home to incredible and inspiring stories, and one such tale revolves around Haris Bashir. Hailing from the Kangan area in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal, Haris Bashir Rather, born on February 5th, 1997, is a beacon of hope. His father, Bashir Ahmad Rather, witnessed his relentless dedication to saving lives and aiding those in need in the region’s waterways.

Haris draws inspiration from his teacher, Bashir Ahmad Mir, who has his own history of saving lives and recovering bodies from the depths of the rivers. Haris’s unwavering commitment to humanity compels him to dive headfirst into turbulent waters, even when they reach depths of up to 50 feet.

Netizens have heaped praise on Haris’s selfless acts, as videos of him fearlessly navigating the currents of the river Sindh circulate online. Whenever accidents or mishaps occur in central Kashmir, the community instinctively calls upon Haris for rescue missions. He has embraced this responsibility, as saving human lives has become his profound passion.

Recently, when a local youth was on the verge of drowning in the Maingam Ganderbal river, Haris swiftly sprang into action. With remarkable speed, he coordinated a rescue operation, enlisting the help of local youths to successfully recover the body.

Last week, the lifeless body of a missing youth was discovered floating in the Power Canal at Kangan. Haris’s rapid response led to the body’s recovery and dignified handling.

Haris is fondly referred to as the ‘Blood Man of Ganderbal’ due to his consistent blood donations that have touched countless lives. He has orchestrated various blood donation camps in collaboration with different organizations, thereby saving the lives of numerous individuals in dire need of blood in the Kashmir valley.

In the heart of adversity, Haris Bashir Rather continues to shine as a symbol of courage, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to humanity

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a Pulwama based journalist, currently south head with News agency KNO and owner of The Kashmir Scroll

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